Auction vs. Estate Sale:

  1. An auction can be completed in one day. We advertise two weeks in advance. Post pictures with the advertisement. Show up, conduct the auction, clean up and go.
  2. Because of the competition, an auction will normally bring fair market value.
  3. We can conduct the auction inside of your home or business or we (weather permitting) can set up tables and conduct the auction outside.
  4. Previews other than the on-line access can be provided based upon your needs and desires.

Estate (Tag) Sale:

  1. Can last two or three days. We will set up the sale based on your preferences.
  2. Can (this is variable) result in your merchandise selling for less than fair market value.
  3. We will advertise an estate sale the same as an auction. On-line, local paper, Facebook and an estate sale site we belong to.

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As a licensed auctioneer in the state of Texas I am subject to the policies of the TDLR.  As a professional I will treat your auction OR  estate sale with the same diligence and respect.

We also cover our clients floors with plastic sheeting when asked to conduct an on site estate auction or estate sale..