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 We consider it an honor and a privilege to help children or animals through charity auctions or fundraisers!

Auction Services

  • Estate Auctions
  • Business Liquidations
  • Storage Auctions
  • Charity Auctions
  • Fundraisers
  • On Line Auctions.

Bidders holding a valid Texas or out of state resale number must provide their certificate or a copy thereof when registering or will be required to pay Texas sales tax (Texas residents) on purchases.




Providing online antique and collectibles auctions, local estate, liquidation, fundraiser and charity auctions.


Thanks for stopping by. We are really glad you are visiting our page.

Whether dealer, shop owner, fundraiser, buyer or seller, we appreciate you visiting our site and considering us for your future auction endeavors.

Based out of Conroe, we're a company built on knowledge, honesty and dedication to providing our customers with the best value for their money.

To that end, we:

  • Provide auction services and as much information as you need to make wise buying, fundraising or consignment decisions.
  • Introduce new and seasoned shop dealers, fundraisers, individual buyers and sellers to the fun and potential profit of buying, collecting and selling through auctions; and
  • Provide early, online viewing of select pieces available at upcoming auctions whether at local estate sales, liquidations or fundraiser.

We're always looking or high quality estates and/or antiques, art & collectibles. If possible we pick up, research, storer, catalog, advertise and sell your items or entire estates. 



WGMartin Auctions accepts consignment of items; antiques, collectibles or entire estates. We can provide pick up, storage, advertising and auction services.

COL. Clyde "Wayne" Martin

Texas Licensed Auctioneer

TDLR # 15114